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Comprehensive Planning

What is special about IFS?

At Investment Financial Services, Inc. (IFS), we are committed to providing comprehensive Wealth Management services, solutions, and support. Anything less than a comprehensive approach can often lead to poor returns, tax inefficiency and other unintended consequences. IFS provides a full suite of services, which are listed below:

  • Investment Management – Seek attractive risk-adjusted returns with an allocation designed to address risk and return objectives specific to each client
  • Tax Planning - Your financial plan will be impacted by taxes owed either by you or beneficiaries. Advanced tax planning and being proactive rather than reactive is critical.  IFS is committed to staying on top of evolving tax legislation and how it impacts your plan
  • Estate Planning – IFS strives to insure that your stated estate planning goals and objectives are aligned with estate documents and investment accounts.  We also maintain a sharp focus on probate avoidance, tax minimization, and reducing administrative burden on loved ones
  • Estate Snapshot™: Our trademarked program provides you and your loved ones with an at-a-glance document summarizing key components of your financial world. 
  • Semi-Annual Reviews: These update meetings are conducted to help assure that your financial plan remains on track – in addition, the team at IFS will always be available for your questions and concerns as they arise