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Comprehensive Planning

What is special about IFS?

At Investment Financial Services, Inc. (IFS), we are committed to providing comprehensive services, solutions and support relating to the most important elements of your financial world. In addition to our focused approach on investments and financial planning, IFS provides a full suite of complimentary services, which are listed below:

  • Financial Planning: We strive to fully understand all key aspects of your financial world including taxes and your overall estate plan (documents, insurance, etc.). An investment strategy should not be done in a vacuum-a less than comprehensive approach can often lead to mistakes and unintended consequences.
  • Comprehensive Plan: We develop a comprehensive plan based on your stated goals by addressing investments, taxes and estate planning.
  • Tax Planning and Income Tax Preparation: All aspects of your financial plan may be impacted by taxes owed by you or by your loved ones. Advanced tax planning and being "forward looking" and proactive as it relates to taxes (income and estate taxes) is a critical component to an efficient financial plan.
  • Estate Snapshot™: Our trademarked program provides you and your loved ones with an at-a-glance document summarizing all key components of your financial world. The snapshot can be a valuable tool for you and other family members as it highlights your estate documents, your current net worth and estate value, as well as provides key contact information.
  • Estate Walk-Through: We work with you to align your assets properly with your estate documents in order to have assets pass on to your heirs without probate or complications.
  • Semi-Annual Reviews: These meetings are conducted to help assure that your financial plan remains in sync with your goals and objectives, as well as the evolving tax laws.
  • Beneficiary Assistance: We help in the distribution and proper handling of inherited assets. We believe we provide a vital service to surviving spouses and as always, our staff is available to address any of your questions, concerns, or needs that may arise.
  • Client Events: IFS also hosts regular client events just for fun. These have included a day at the movies, client golf outings and speakers such as Chris Gardner, the author of the critically acclaimed movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness", Art Linkletter and Ed Slott, America's "IRA Expert".